Activating Office 2021, Office 2019 with KMSPico

Working with documents, compiling tables and other processes are a must for any field of activity. Trade, production and other areas cannot do without it. The only option to cope with the tasks is to use Microsoft Office.

Not today, the leading positions are occupied by the following versions of Office – 2019 and 2021. They are distinguished by their well-developed functionality and the ability to work with all popular types of documents. To develop a presentation or write a full-fledged e-book is a matter of time and the excellent functionality of this software.

Active Windows users are aware of the features and functionality of Office, which makes this addition to the operating system one of the most sought after. As you know, any Microsoft product costs money – in order to fully use the necessary functionality, you will need to pay. As a result, the user chooses one of two possible options. In the first case, you will need to buy Office (activate) or be satisfied with the trial version.

The solution to this issue is simple – activation of Office 2021, Office 2019 using KMSPico. This method is very popular among all categories of PC owners. It does not matter the purpose of using the Office, because this activator almost instantly solves the problem with any office task.

How to activate Office 2019, 2021 using KMSPico

This procedure is no different from activating the Windows OS when using the KMS. Note that this process is relevant for both versions of Office, which is convenient for all categories of PC users. The user will need to do the following:

  • Download the KMSPico activator for Office 2019, 2021. In this case, you need to trust trusted and reliable sites. Such resources should have a good reputation among users.
  • Unzip the downloaded file. Any popular archiver is suitable for this. The main condition for such software is a guaranteed opportunity to gain access to all information in the archive.
  • Start the archiver. Previously, before this action, it is recommended to disable anti-virus programs and firewall. If the existing framework does not meet the requirements, then it will need to be updated (version 4.0). An important point – the launch must be carried out with administrator rights.
  • In the window that opens, select the desired program and press the button.
  • Wait for activation to complete and restart your computer.

After all the steps taken, the user will see a notification that Office 2019 or 2021 has been successfully activated.

Things to remember when using KMSPico

The owner of the computer needs to remember the following rules:

Do not remove KMSPico from PC

In the case of uninstalling this program (accidentally, intentionally), the activation immediately flies. This applies not only to Office, but also to Windows OS – the notification will start to appear again. The ideal solution would be to create a separate folder for the KMSPico location. If necessary, it can be password-protected or made invisible, which will prevent third parties from gaining access to it.

Put KMS in an antivirus program exception

Such a solution will be relevant in the case of frequent messages from the antivirus. The solution is simple – add KMSPico to the exclusion list. Any WUA has such a function and you can find it in the program settings.

Provide constant access to the Internet

Because KMSPico can work offline, i.e. perform activation in accordance with the established schedule, you need to take care of high-quality access to the WWW network. Note that the type of Internet connection does not matter – it can be wired, mobile or Wi-Fi.

Why KMSPico is in demand among PC users

This program is one of the best options for activating any programs from Microsoft. The popularity of this software is due to the following factors:

  • Free distribution. The program is offered freely without any restrictions. All verified sites with software allow you to download KMSPico for free and use it to activate Windows and Office 2019, 2021. You need to remember that if they offer to buy an activator on a thematic resource, then these are scammers – it is recommended to immediately leave such a site.
  • Easy to learn. The user will need a minimum of time to understand the program. The same applies to the installation process, which is relevant for all categories of PC owners.
  • Guaranteed activation of Microsoft programs. You can get detailed information about the software on the page in the description or on the Internet. The user can be sure of the quick activation of the desired program, which allows you to immediately get to work.
  • Saving money. The primary reason for the huge popularity of KMSPico for Office 2019, 2021 and other software (Microsoft). No need to buy a licensed version of the program and spend your own money. That is why Microsoft is doing everything possible to block this program.

Should I use KMSPico to activate Office 2021, 2019?

The answer is simple – it’s worth it, and in this case you don’t need to wait for other answers. If you want to get a full version of Office and not pay for it, then KMSPico will be an ideal option. As you know, the trial version of Office has a limited period of work. After its completion, it is not possible to use the limited version – almost all functions are disabled, which makes using the Office irrational.

There is no need to miss the opportunity to activate Office with KMSPico – just download the archive, run the program, and upon completion of this, you will receive a notification about product activation.

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